Why You Should Encourage ‘Chotu’ to Study Further!

This one is for the countless ‘Chotus’ that get enveloped in India’s web of never-ending poverty and whose dreams are crushed with a single word that has driven mankind for generations – money.

A little boy of 8, he started coming to my house to pick up and deliver ironed clothes. He was curious, he wanted to learn just about everything, and he was talkative, friendly, just and honest. He still is. But I saw a little light burn out inside of him over the years. The light that encouraged him to learn. Initially, I thought that we were helping him by giving him a source of income, he would work during the night and study during the day. But this ended, eventually his life has now become all about delivering and picking up clothes for ironing. Where is that Chotu who would ask me how should he turn on the laptop? Where is that Chotu who would take Math tuition from me as and when his exams approached? He dropped his studies and became a regular ‘dhobi’. He could’ve done so much more had that light inside him been kindled. He’s all of 19 now, mature, and full of dreams which he can’t fulfill. I dream of helping give him a proper education, but his family won’t. I wish him all the luck and I try to get him to fuel that fire to learn inside him once again.

I wish that Chotu ends up like this girl I read about on www.helpachild.in

In 2011, a young girl was invited to speak at Harvard University. Like all young dreamers who end up visiting their dream university, all starry eyed, Shweta Bantanal arrived there with a difference. She was invited to speak about how education helped her break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Hers, is an inspiring tale that comes from Mudhol, a small village in Karnataka. She had to give up her education after her father passed away, what follows is a story of resilience and determination she displayed to break out of the vicious cycle of marriage, children, poverty and do her best to begin a dazzling career at HP. Read about her story here.

The work done by www.helpachild.in is commendable. Follow their stories on http://helpachildtostudy.wordpress.com and support India’s poor and meritorious students. Sponsoring a child’s education is equivalent to adoption, so let not the light die in any other ‘Chotu’s’ life. Become a parent by sponsoring a child’s education today.

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