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A TRAVELOGUE BY ANKIT ARORA It’s a general saying these days that humanity is dead and there is no space for love. Only money can win hearts. I don’t know the truth behind this concept but I have been seeing things and instances throughout my journey that refute this claim.

10 kite festivals that will keep your calendar occupied

We’ve rounded up kite festivals from all around the world that you can fit into your calendar and start on that ‘travel more’ resolution you made for 2018.


Second chances in life are such a rarity that we often tend to ignore and pass them up even when they’re staring us right in the eye, today’s story is one of second chances and will, a will to turn life around. PJ Regan was on his journey of recovery from

The White Desert Is Calling!

The Rann Utsav is a festival that celebrates the uniqueness of the Rann of Kutch, its culture and its way of life. It started as a three-day event which eventually turned into a three-month-long celebration full of fun cultural activities, music, and dance.

The Mystic Mountains by Akshay Nair

Lush green foliage, snow white peaks, winding roads, clear streams of water flowing through and beautiful hospitable people. This is Spiti Valley.   “When God gave men tongues, he never dreamed that they would want to talk about the Himalayas; there are consequently no words in the world to do it

There Are Tourists, And There Are Travellers.

"Tourists don't know where they’ve been. Travellers don't know where they’re going”- Paul Theroux For most normal people, travellers and tourists are nothing more than synonyms, words that describe the people who’re exploring a new place. But I’ll be damned if I catch anyone calling me just a tourist. You

The Stories That Highways Tell

Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive. I was determined to pedal on some untraveled path and that too without being bothered by the nitty-gritty of a detailed plan.

Rajasthan’s first “Super Randonneur”: Ankit Arora

People might be well aware of the potential effects of cycling on the body. But what about the mind? It’s a question that has puzzled psychologists, neurologists and anyone who has wondered how riding a bike can induce what feels close to a state of meditation. For me personally, I

Ladakh- A disconnect to connect!

No matter whatever they might claim in an advertisement, one does not simply get any connectivity in Ladakh. Only a lucky few who have either BSNL or Airtel connection might get just a single bar. Nonetheless, this might possibly be the best thing that happens if you ever happen to

The Fusion Revolution: Rise Of Local Fusion Food

  Breathing might be the most important thing a person does. But for me, it’s eating. I do breathe, obviously, but I eat first. So much so that the mantra of my life has become- Eat, Breathe, Sleep and Repeat. Food is not only an integral part of my life,

I Hate the Locals, I Love the Locals.

You could say I was very fortunate that I learnt it prematurely, during the early onset of my learning years, that nothing is black and white. I have this strange love-hate relationship with almost every major influencing aspect of my life. One of these things is travelling by the Mumbai

Inspiring Wanderlust

Arpit’s images are bound to inspire wanderlust. He boast of traversing the Himalayas many times, a look at his photos will inspire you to do the same!  

Home Away From Home

  Sakshi is an avid traveller and her blog has stories from her solo adventures. Follow her here: Pensive Sagas Here is her story from volunteering in Ladakh. Read and share. — Hello! Try and think about a moment that you wish could keep repeating again and again. I experienced

The Tip of Sri Lanka – Galle

Sometime in November 2015. Sometimes, wedding invitations can get really annoying. Like, are you ready for that? Are you sure? Bro, your life’s going to change. But this one, it was a little different. A cousin’s. Had to plan a crazy bachelor’s which he would remember for a lifetime. We

Beyond Castes, Cultures, Mindsets, and Languages

  12th June 2013, Rock top cottage, Old Manali Language – A Barrier? Evra, a crazy french woman. Roger, a fun Spanish guy. A fantastic couple. We met at Rock Top Cottage, Manali. The hotel has a panoramic view overlooking the river nearby. My room was as cosy and had

The Most Beautiful State in India

Let me ask you a question. According to you which is the most beautiful state in our country? The most obvious answer would be the state that you live in but take some time to think about it, or go out and visit all the states and comment. There is

Life in a Square Inch

A square inch! That is 0.007 of a square foot! I am not going to talk about the realty scams that have corruption in every square foot. Nor am I talking about the population of India which is I-don’t-know-how-many-millions per square foot. Or wait, it is the result of that. Travelling

An Artist’s Dream

Every picture here will be a great one. Every thought that you think here will be creative. Every sound that you hear will inspire you and every raindrop that falls will lend you another perspective. This is a place just a stone’s throw away from Pune city that is as

The Proverbial Walk of Life

Day 4 of my trip to Rajasthan. This day was all about exploring the cafes in Pushkar. We were lazy to travel about, even though we awoke early. We roamed the ghats once again, and went to the market side of Pushkar town. We first stationed ourselves at this cafe,

Harmonica On The Hill

It was a mid February morning, a time of change in the Deccan Plateau. It is the time when winter grows gentler, knowing that the phase of hard work has passed, and now it’s time to unwind. As I rode my bike up the zig zag road that clings to

6 Degrees Apart

6 degrees apart. That’s the supposed difference between one person and another. Standing at the door of my train coach, looking out and admiring the lush green beauty when we pass a railway crossing. The guard there, standing with the red and green flags, waving the green one. One instance,

Agra Monochrome Series – A City Without Colours

Monochrome expresses in more ways than you can imagine. Nothing says it better that the Agra Monchrome Series by Siddhartha Joshi. This splendid collection will leave you out of words. Featuring works from Agra Monochrome Series – By Siddhartha Joshi. If you like what you see, check out his blog for some

Photographer Creates Magic in Murad Osmann Style – All By Herself

There’s not a lot of art that can be compared to Murad Osmann’s photos that broke the internet. Just when we thought so, we stumbled upon Sakshi’s profile. She is a young, wanderlust-stricken solo female traveler from India. Check out some of her photographs that we absolutely dig. 1.Footprints in the