Bhopal – The City Of Lakes

Bhopal, a former principality, Madhya Pradesh state, Central India is a colorful blend of culture, cuisine, ambience, royalty, flora, fauna and seasons. A region of rolling down, tickling forest hills, predominantly agriculture, binds itself with history through the majestic monuments of Taj-ul-Masjid, GauharMahal, Birla mandir and not to mention upper lake also known as “badatalaab”.


The Buddhist monuments which include the Stupa at Sanchi to the infamous Manav Sangrahalaya, majorly involved in generating a new museum movement in India. It showcases the tribal culture of various regions and is built with an active involvement of traditional artisans and experts, carved by different community groups. (Manav Sangrahaalay photos).

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The City of lakes generates freewheeling ideas and flexible plans to demonstrate the equipped validity of human traditions and anti-singularity to options for human architecture. I consider myself lucky to have been native to such a mysterious city and to indulge in education, outreach and salvage activities for a revitalization of vanishing but valuable traditional cultures. It starts with the serenity of the lower lake which beautifies this city located between upper lake and majestic hills depict the peace of watching the sun rising from the horizon.


Also not to mention the vast and diverse expanse of Van vihar national park, declared in 1983, and since then displaying and being compassionate for a vast plethora of wildlife from reptiles such as crocodiles, alligators to snacks from common rat snacks to huge pythons. Including ferocious Bengal tigers to gentle gazelles and striking peacocks, Van Vihar national has been consistent in caring, protecting and striking peacocks. Van vihar national has been consistent in caring, protecting and preserving the wildlife.

Wild Life of vihar national park, Bhopal


Nevertheless, the city has become a hub of changing and high-end lifestyle brands set to make a splash in the traditional city of Bhopal. Also, the cuisine too has been re-oriented to meet demands of lifestyle and healthy patterns of the Bhopalites also said to be Bhopalies. They are comparatively mild, peace-loving, less spicy, unique in taste and Eveready to help type of Bhopal. Local and individual vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacy variation of various popular snacks can be found selling around in the city which are influenced by both Hindu and Muslim cultures.


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