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Beneath The Rail-tracks – A Ray Of Hope


Beneath The Tracks of The Delhi Transit System - A Ray Of Hope What can you see beneath the ever-so-busy tracks of the Delhi Transit System? Dirt. Grime. Impoverished children playing oblivious to the constant buzzing of the capital city? Now, the poorest of the poor under a bridge in India’s capital see a ray of hope. ...

An Artist’s Dream


Every picture here will be a great one. Every thought that you think here will be creative. Every sound that you hear will inspire you and every raindrop that falls will lend you another perspective. This is a place just a stone’s throw away from Pune city that is as lovely as the foreign countries that ...

That thing about inspiration…


I try to find beauty in the little things and take inspiration from the things around me. I try to find beauty in the moon that shines at dawn, just when the light breaks through. It makes me feel like I am alive. I try to find beauty in the crows that visit my house everyday. I am thankful to have them around, because when I waste any food I just put it out on the window sill, and there my faithful friends are not wasting a single morsel. I try to find beauty in being alone. Because, I know that will only make me stronger and face things by myself.