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Happiness is a two way street!


Not everybody has the courage to come back to their hometown after a successful internship at UNESCO to pursue a dream that wasn't even clear at that point, meet Shraddha Jain, from Jaipur the woman who did this and then some. Shraddha is the founder of Art घर, an interactive and collaborative platform for art events, ...

Hilarious and Gay, Meet Navin Noronha.


Stoner. Self-made. Self-centered. Gay bear. Rookie hedonist. - Navin Noronha, 2017. While I don’t care much for generational elitism, many would agree that the comic scene in India currently is going through it’s ‘Golden Age’. Fresh, stereotype-defying, and having no affinity for bullshit, we are exposed to great content from great comics everyday. Enter Navin Noronha. In ...

An Epitome of Inspiration- Nimisha Verma


A restless soul looking for calm; A passionate girl chasing her dreams; An inspiration for many, speaking wonders through her art. A crazy heart creating a house full of art- Nimisha Verma, the artist left her home at a young age to live her dream. The girl who sees more than what’s there, who realizes the harsh facts of ...