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In conversation with Samar Khan – the man behind Metrodoodle


A basic guide to attending JLF

Jaipur is gearing up to host the much awaited Jaipur Literature Festival and so are many other literary enthusiasts to visit the fest spanning five days. Attending JLF has become

10 kite festivals that will keep your calendar occupied

We know that Makar Sakranti is just around the corner and if you are someone who cannot get enough of the colorful kites floating in the sky around this time

Pushpavalli – The creeper that creeps up on you

In a country where the first stage of love is stalking, comes a show, well about a stalker. Pushpavalli, streaming on Amazon Prime, stars the creator Sumukhi Suresh as

Sustainable is pretty attainable

 If you just try hard enough How many times for the writing section in the English and Hindi exam papers have you written articles, essays and letters to

From a Dead Poet’s Society to A Slam Poet’s Society


I found many homes away from my home

No matter how much one plans

With love, from humans of India

Indian History - Hoax or not!

His Story? Their Story? Whose Story?

His Story or History? Our history is saturated with innumerable wars; some famous some forgotten and lost and known to us only through the
Magnetic Fields Festival-1

Of Magical sounds at Magnetic Fields

Picture this, a narrow dirt road, a small town in a remote corner of Rajasthan and car after car lined up on that dirt road to reach one

Saviours come in all shapes, forms & sizes

Second chances in life are such a rarity that we often tend to ignore and pass them up even when they’re staring us right in the eye, today’s
Rann Utsav-1

The White Desert Is Calling!

An expanse of white sand stretching out to meet the golden colors of the sky during a sunset that is so spectacular that you’d be hard-pressed to forget
A look at artist Lyla Freechild

My body, my art

Henry Ward Beecher said, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into pictures”. One such artist
Here’s why you should be at this artist residency program

Here’s why you should be at the Jaipur Art Expo!

Someone has very rightly said that art is one of the finer pursuits of life. Art good or bad is ultimately an extension of thoughts, emotions, and ideas

Happiness is a two way street!

      Not everybody has the courage to come back to their hometown after

This App Will Turn your Smartphone Into A ‘Supercomputer’ To Help Cancer Research

This nemesis of mankind named “Cancer” has been known as far as 400 BC, and was identified by Hippocrates, a Greek Physician and the father of medicine. Since
Jan Bonito

This Makeup Artist Can Transform Himself into Anybody!

  Having loads of
Girls Play Sports

Why Girls Must be Encouraged to Play Sports

While gender equality has come a long way, there is still room for improvement, especially in sports. Women are traditionally not encouraged to indulge in
RJ Malishka

RJ Malishka Takes On BMC With This Fun Video!

Every year, the streets of Mumbai are riddled with potholes due to heavy rains. In fact, potholed roads are a common sight across Mumbai especially during and after

Hope For The Homeless

Once, I heard about a homeless man living near my place that wanders the streets in a gauzy, mud-splattered banyan and pyjamas. So, one
russell powell

Artist Defies Convention By Using His Palm to Paint

A typical painter needs two elements in order to make art: paint and a canvas. But this artist takes it to the next level by defying these conventions

A Ride You Will Never Forget

In this concrete jungle, amongst the mix of horns, traffic and city lights of Mumbai, it is hard to identify anyone easily. But if you happen to be
Chester Bennington

Chester’s Demise – Why Depression is Serious Stuff

Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington was found dead by an employee last Thursday in the bedroom of his house. Just at the age of 41, he left
5 Indian artists

5 Indian artists that took the world by storm!

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is Art” -Ralph Waldo Emerson It is tough to choose the best among a plethora of Great
Female Rape Survivor

Comic Book Features Female Rape Survivor as its “Superhero”

In the Modern era we live in, India has a lot of opportunities to offer the Indian woman along with having a voice in everyday life. But unfortunately,

A Blend of Vintage Cars and Art in Jaipur

Do you love cars? Fast cars? Vintage cars? Then this festival is right up your alley. Cartist is an organization aiming to promote art and
Lipstick Under My Burkha

Lipstick Under My Burkha : Why censorship sucks!

Finally, after much controversy, debutante Alankrita Shrivatava’s movie Lipstick Under My Burkha is set to release on July 21. This movie has gained a lot of attention and

On a Mission to Feed the Hungry

There is an ancient saying in India that says “Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam” . It means that food is equal to god. But do we pay heed to this?
Music, Rock & Roll, Pratik Bijlani, Beatles, Hey Jude, Elvis, Stop Commotion

Legends of Rock & Roll

I absolutely adore Rock & Roll music! There is nothing like a Beatles or a Rolling Stones song to make you feel energized in the morning. The moment I hear
Beatboxing, music, pratik bijlani, stop commotion

The Beatbox Goes On!

I found this video of two guys dressed as nerds trolling people with their beatboxing skills. At first, I thought the video was fake, but after doing a bit of