Artist Defies Convention By Using His Palm to Paint


A typical painter needs two elements in order to make art: paint and a canvas. But this artist takes it to the next level by defying these conventions of art.

Instead of painting directly on paper, first-grade school teacher Russell Powell paints realistic portraits directly on his hand, an unconventional surface, with oil paint, then using it as a stamp letting his palm-lines become part of the piece. Russell Powell calls this process “hand-stamping”. His works include portraits of celebs like Bob Marley and John Lennon.









This amazing portrait of Bob Marley shows how remarkably detailed and life-like his paintings are due to the use of lines and contours in his palm.









Using his palm as a stamp, he can turn amazing portraits like this one of John Lennon into lasting works of art.


His unique method of using his hand as a canvas teaches a subtle but very important lesson: you don’t always have to follow the rules, especially when you’re working creatively. He believes that it is important to think out-of-the-box and challenge pre-established norms, after all, this is how creative problem-solvers think in all areas of life.


By using his hand as a canvas, Powell shows that re-imagining something simple can lead to really amazing works of art. Though many of Powell’s portraits are in black and white, on rare occasions he throws in a bit of color and the results are stunning. Here are some of his works posted on instagram.

Palm Paint









His paintings almost appear to be weathered from time, an effect that would be incredibly difficult to achieve using traditional methods of painting on canvas.

Range of Arts – Hand Stamping – Russell Powell

Russell Powell

Range of Arts – Hand Stamping – Russell Powell

I have always admired artists who break the rules of traditional art. I obviously appreciate all artists and the work they do, but sometimes we need to take a step back and realize the art world is more than just ink and paint. This artist does exactly that and more.


Although this is only a part time hobby for now, his work has attracted international acclaim and he currently has more than 94,000 Instagram followers, and is steadily growing.


See his work in action through this video and understand the creative process of these works of wonder!



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