Hilarious and Gay, Meet Navin Noronha.

Stoner. Self-made. Self-centered. Gay bear. Rookie hedonist.

– Navin Noronha, 2017.

While I don’t care much for generational elitism, many would agree that the comic scene in India currently is going through it’s ‘Golden Age’. Fresh, stereotype-defying, and having no affinity for bullshit, we are exposed to great content from great comics everyday. Enter Navin Noronha. In a country where being gay is still used as a crappy punchline for side jokes in b-grade movies, Navin proudly came out of the closet, and then made us laugh hysterically narrating what it’s like.


Here’s his stand-up piece; this is Navin Noronha on being gay:



We got in touch with Navin to ask him about his journey as a comedian and life as a rebellious young (well, relatively) chap.

Inspired by comedians Bill Hicks and Kristen Wiig, who left a lasting impact on his teenage mind, Navin got into the stand-up scene. Navin recalls registering for an open mic on one dreamy monday at Hive, and even though he had years of public speaking experience he shat bricks that night.

Navin: I can never get how the big comics make it look so easy. And then I realised the nervousness is a part of the game.


Navin agrees that this is a really great time for the stand up industry saying that we’re at the cusp of an exploding comedy industry. He believes that the quality of material is increasing across the spectrum.

Navin: Every week new open micers wow us with their passion and style, while senior comics continue to reinvent themselves.


In his first stand-up video, he talks about coming out to his friends. But what about coming out to his parents? Navin describes it as the most harrowing experience of his life. He quickly adds that he’s glad he was blessed with very understanding parents, who instead of shunning him out, took the time to educate and sensitize themselves.

Navin: I wish I had done it better and not tried to be such a rebel, but it’s all good now.


Let’s talk about being gay for a second,

Navin, who says he creates cool shit and makes people smile for a living, is very optimistic about the future of homosexuality in India.

Navin: You just have to take a look at the shift in the tone of the Indian media. They are positive, reaffirm that we are not a minority and we’ll keep fighting for our rights as equals in this country.


He adds that there are more LGBTQ themes in the media now and that we have more openly gay designers, CEOs, actors.

Navin: We’re here to stay.


Comedy India

Navin at The Cuckoo Club.But such a lifestyle surely brings along the naysayers. You can’t help but crash into those bigoted mutual friends or those relatives for whom everything against ‘normal’ is a sin.

Navin: I learnt early on in my life to ignore people who aren’t on board with my lifestyle. Haters gonna hate, you don’t gotta reciprocate. I still troll people whenever I can. It’s just too enticing.


It is enticing, that’s for sure.

This is Navin 101!

Favourite book         :        Wish You Well by David Baldacci

Favourite artist        :        Elton John

Most-loved record   :        Abbey Road by The Beatles

Favourite movie       :        Dead Poets Society / Inglorious Basterds

Spirit of choice         :        Whiskey

Now you too are an expert in Navin. Be happy.


When asked what’s the meaning of life this is what Navin had to say..

It’s all pointless. Live it up while you’re around.

Amen to that.

You can find Navin on twitter, instagram and his youtube. He also has his own podcast show, keeping it queer.

Here’s the follow up video, in which he talks about homophobia.

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