This Makeup Artist Can Transform Himself into Anybody!



Having loads of free time is great! Right? To most people this is a wonderful opportunity to relax and distress, basically not do nothing at all. But there are others who make use of this time to do something productive like this like this Colorado-based makeup artist named Jan Bonito who can transform himself into anyone he wants to, literally!


He is an internet sensation who is best known for his skillful make-up transformation videos in which he often transforms himself into celebrities or viral news sensations. He has been sharing his photos on Instagram, where he takes on the appearance of stars like Nicki Minaj, Ruby Rose, and Snoop Dogg. Bonito’s ability to transform into celebrities and Internet memes with the help of cosmetics has attracted him quite a large social media following, and we can see why.


This guy shows how finessing your makeup talent can really pay off in the long run.

This is his tribute to Fast & Furious star Paul Walker. Sweet!


Here he is looking fierce and beautiful like Beyonce.

In this he is Twisty the clown from American Horror Story, scary yet pretty isn’t it?


He condenses his impressive work into just 15 seconds for the new clip, which starts with him applying a pale base coat of foundation all over his face. After that, he shades in with a makeup brush to mimic the contours of the person he is trying to transform into.


Add a wig to that and voila! He is a completely new person.


He’s so good, even Snoop Dogg likes him. That’s probably why he made the makeup artist’s dream come true by reposting his video of his transformation to Snoop Dogg himself, sharing it with millions of his followers.


This 15 second clip was uploaded on October, 2015 and within 12 hours has amassed more than 90,000 likes on Instagram.


The makeup maestro has hundreds of thousands of fans who share his incredible work.  Here’s a compilation of his transformations in action. You will be amazed, and how!

These are works of art that enrich our lives for the better, and we should all stop for a moment to marvel at how truly amazing his skills are. This guy is beyond talented and his work can only be described as “Pure Art”.


Do subscribe to his Instagram page and support his work.

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