A basic guide to attending JLF

Jaipur is gearing up to host the much awaited Jaipur Literature Festival and so are many other literary enthusiasts to […]

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Book Review : The Different Drum

Book name: The Different Drum Author: M.Scott Peck (1958-2005)   M.Scott Peck is a psychiatrist well known for his first […]

Susan Cain, Quiet Revolution

To the Introvert in you.

Solitude is a state of being, where a mind speaks to self and a quiet outside is fostering the thoughts […]

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When I was nine…

Playing with butterflies, fond memories, loved ones, school and friends, innocent questions, and a whole lot of love. Those are […]

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That thing about inspiration…

I try to find beauty in the little things and take inspiration from the things around me. I try to find beauty in the moon that shines at dawn, just when the light breaks through. It makes me feel like I am alive. I try to find beauty in the crows that visit my house everyday. I am thankful to have them around, because when I waste any food I just put it out on the window sill, and there my faithful friends are not wasting a single morsel. I try to find beauty in being alone. Because, I know that will only make me stronger and face things by myself.

When No Babies Wash Ashore, Poem, Ajanta Chaudhury, Stop For Art, Stop Commotion

When No Babies Wash Ashore

The wise words said by Ajanta, have helped us stop some commotion! A stopworthy feature from Ajanta’s blog. Definitely worth a […]

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Here’s some awesome art we just came across. The book is a collection of short poems by author Swati Singh […]

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We were moved by The Lost Writer’s short poem. He certainly has a way to shake you out of a […]