In praise of differences

In Praise of Differences.

Mumbai is often cited as the city of dreams, and however clichéd that might be, it is also true. I […]

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Place of Offerings – Allahabad

इलाहबाद – जैसे की नाम से पता चलता है अल्लाह का शहर | जहां संगम होता है दो धर्मो का, […]

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The Scenic Balasore

[rlslider id=2305]   Amidst the lush green jungles of the Bengal to North, the never ending sea to the right […]

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Delhi Delirium

This city offers itself to me. It makes me overlap my life with others, to make an impression on them. […]

Delhi, India, Dreams, Stop Commotion

Delhi, The city of dreams

Walk down any lane and you’d see hopefuls with a degree in hand, eyes gleaming with dreams of an ambivalent […]

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The many shades of Pink City

Jaipur, the Pink City. If you ask me, it’s very wrongly named. This city is more than just pink, it’s […]

Share A Little Pink City Love

Jaipur, A lot of things makes this city so lovable and liveable .  The first being heritage. Jaipur has a vivid […]

Bhopal – The City Of Lakes

Bhopal, a former principality, Madhya Pradesh state, Central India is a colorful blend of culture, cuisine, ambience, royalty, flora, fauna […]

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Mumbai – The City of Dreams

Everyday hundreds of people come to this city in search of fulfilling their dreams, dreams that shine through their eyes, […]