Artist Feature: Sayok Ray

Sayok Ray

Sayok Ray is a Mumbai based multidisciplinary artist, whose form of expression can be described as a bit sombre and cynical where death and the futility of the human existence seem to be recurring themes. Shaped by artists such as Tim Burton, Satyajit Ray, Salvador Dali and Eddie Vedder, Sayok believes that the beauty of art lies in its ability to convey a message through simplicity, which is very well reflected in the flat colour profiles of his graphic design work.


The biggest boon of Instagram is that anybody who has something to share can put up his portfolio for the world to see. And since it’s more personal than business, the rules on what can go up are a bit flexible. Going through Sayok’s feed is like being fed with inspiration while being given a lesson in nihilistic socialism. Yes, that’s a thing I just made up, but it makes sense. You’ll see.


The following are some of Sayok’s works from his Instagram page. You can follow him @sayok22.


His Work

Sayok does sketches; Take a look at this hippie octopus hitting multiple blunts at the same time.


He also maintains a books which he doodles in, occasionally writing a (rather dark) comic like this one-


He paints as well.


He also writes. This is the first of his series he calls #PatheticPoetry-


A grim take on evolution.


Mother, should I build a wall?


A self portraiture of sorts?


He also tried his hand at redesigning the new currency notes… and dare I say he did a far better job.


Self reflective pieces like these are proof that brevity is the soul of wit. The caption is a deep insight into artists and humans in general.


The lovely use of colours and symmetry in this one, while tackling one of the most important issues of our times.



Artists and creatives like Sayok deserve far more attention and recognition than they already have for cultivating such stop worthy content. If you think you’re as worthy or you know someone who is, hit us up and you can end up being our next feature!

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