An Epitome of Inspiration- Nimisha Verma

A restless soul looking for calm;

A passionate girl chasing her dreams;

An inspiration for many, speaking wonders through her art.

A crazy heart creating a house full of art- Nimisha Verma, the artist left her home at a young age to live her dream.

The girl who sees more than what’s there, who realizes the harsh facts of life yet lives with the motto of ‘Carpe Diem’. Her thoughts are fine strokes of reality, contributing to a bigger picture that she has envisioned, where her art will be the final touch to her dream.

Nimisha is an artist who understands the importance of open space and free thoughts, and realizes the need to pour them out. She is the founder of an exceptionally new initiative, the Home for Artists”, providing the wandering souls a place to be. Where everybody is open to be themselves and speak through art.

Art is not only seen but also felt. It is an idea of oneself coming out beautifully and Nimisha’s work is an epitome of uniqueness. She let loose her mind to the colors of life. From travelling to reading books to delivering speeches, she always manages to spread a smile on the lips of those who appreciate art of any form.

For the bibliophile in her, she has also managed to raise funds for “Astral Bookstore Café”, where visitors can freely read and donate books. Adding to this euphoria, are the poetry and jamming sessions every weekend. A must-not-miss is her latest contribution “Art Hunters”, which is an online community where artists can showcase their work, however, this is currently under construction. We just can’t wait to see what’s next.

From developing herself to giving a new outlook to this world, she is adding magic to her work.

With all the charm, positivity and a bag full of creativity, she has become a classic in a world full of fad. In this transitional society, she stands out with power of her thoughts to contribute her bit in the hackneyed idea of life.

Adding new colors in monochromatic intellectuality, she is sprinkling stardust in moonlit reality.

We recommend you follow her Facebook and Instagram page and also wait for Art Hunters to indulge yourself to some amazing art.

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  • Janvhi Kewalramani
    May 31, 2017

    baguth achaa

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