Read awe-inspiring stories of people that fight against the odds to try and make this world a better place to live. Stories of bravery and kindness that will make you go ‘Wow’.

The Power of Portraits: Mou Aysha

” With empathy, compassion and love we can change the world for better as artists “ Our world is like a book with millions of characters, and those characters each have their own story. Some stories make a breakthrough while the others get lost in the dust. It is our

Raising a new generation of leaders – Prayaas Ki Paathshala

I’ve always loved interacting with children, and I was thrilled when my mentor asked me to cover an NGO for the duration of my summer internship. I had already volunteered with Prayaas Corps. which works with underprivileged students, and I immediately called Jaspal Sir to fix an appointment and meet

Sustainable is pretty attainable

What will be our legacy if the next generation does not have any trees left to make posters with our beautiful faces printed on them? Consider this a PSA pleading to the vanity thriving in all of us.

This App Will Turn your Smartphone Into A ‘Supercomputer’ To Help Cancer Research

Thanks to DreamLab, a new app developed by Vodafone Australia and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, you can make a small but significant contribution to cancer research.

Why Girls Must be Encouraged to Play Sports

The time has come to change societal attitude towards women and practice gender equity, and this startup is working towards doing exactly that!

RJ Malishka Takes On BMC With This Fun Video!

Frustrated with the recurring potholes menace, Mumbaikars have taken up humour to bring attention to the poor upkeep of the roads. RJ Malishka’s funny song video addressing the municipal body caught quite an attention.

Hope For The Homeless

They have no choice. That is probably the story of almost every homeless person ever. Despite that, homeless people are often stigmatized as undeserving. People often believe that they are not destitute and instead call them professional beggars.

A Ride You Will Never Forget

If you happen to be in Bandra and if you search hard enough, you will find a rickshaw that stands out with a plethora of catchy philanthropic slogans, probably the coolest rickshaw ever. This multi-coloured rickshaw belongs to a man known as “the king of bandra”.

Chester’s Demise – Why Depression is Serious Stuff

Depression is seen as a sign of imperfection, humiliation and rejection by family, friends and relatives. It brings an amount of embarrassment and guilt to the person suffering from it, making them keep it a lifelong secret.

Comic Book Features Female Rape Survivor as its “Superhero”

According to the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, 1 rape happen every half-an-hour in India. Newspapers regularly carry depressing tales of sexual assaults on women. One of these protests came in the form of a comic “superhero” and rape-victim named Priya.

On a Mission to Feed the Hungry

India is home to the world's largest number of hungry people. To bridge the gap between the food providers and the needy, a group of six friends started with a plan to feed the poor, and today they are called the Robin Hood Army with over 8000 volunteers.

The #AskedForIt Campaign

Anywhere you are, it seems as if voyeuristic eyes hunt for their next prey virtually everywhere. #AskedForIt campaign is an initiative to oust these monsters. Through this collaborative campaign, she asks the victims to no longer be mute and reticent against their assailants and to make their voices heard.

5 NGOs that are making a difference

With a population of 1.21 billion people, India is the second most populated country in the entire world. Among these 1 billion people, half of them are under the age 25. Having seen these statistics, let’s put a small thought on this now. With almost half the population under 25

Barefoot Skateboarders

  No matter how proud you feel when you say you’re from India, there is always a preconceived notion about us. And that notion is rather an inferior one. People always think about the small villages in India, stereotypical nature of the society, substandard infrastructure and all other unfavorable stuff.

The Curious Three

ACTT is a Kolkata based organization located at Lake Gardens, registered under “Indian Charitable Trust Act, 1961. They operate residential shelter homes and a school for destitute & street children from economically deprived or broken families. Their funding comes from many sources and sponsors – some of them being GLOBAL

A Human Dustbin Cleaning Up Vasai’s Bhuigaon Beach

Venance Castelino and Jonathan Lopez, residents of Vasai are taking ‘Talking Dirty’ to a whole new level. Before you have them arrested, here’s what they did! They were fed up with how Bhuigaon Beach in Vasai was being treated! Instead of complaining about it, and sharing dirty pictures for how

Volunteer Story at Banjara Basti

When I decided to go to India I had no idea what to expect; I had heard stories from some people about the larger organizations that charged huge sums, placed the volunteers in camps isolated from the local population and where the volunteer work did little good, and sometimes even

Beneath The Rail-tracks – A Ray Of Hope

Beneath The Tracks of The Delhi Transit System – A Ray Of Hope What can you see beneath the ever-so-busy tracks of the Delhi Transit System? Dirt. Grime. Impoverished children playing oblivious to the constant buzzing of the capital city? Now, the poorest of the poor under a bridge in

Butterflies Are Free

Here’s a story by Mariellen Ward who owns the blog Moving and heart-warming travel and causes related stories you can spend the day reading. The Himalayas as seen from Dharamsala, India Volunteering in India It was the love that got me. Ironically, I wasn’t prepared for it. I landed

These Little Hands are Not Meant for that Heavy Load

How many times have you spotted a child cleaning tables at a nearby restaurant, and maybe even ordered him ‘Chotu, ek chai la?’ The future of such children lies in the hands of their ‘masters’. It is, if not slavery, just one step below it. They get paid meagre wages,

Why You Should Encourage ‘Chotu’ to Study Further!

This one is for the countless ‘Chotus’ that get enveloped in India’s web of never-ending poverty and whose dreams are crushed with a single word that has driven mankind for generations – money. A little boy of 8, he started coming to my house to pick up and deliver ironed

A Day in the Lives of the Nuns at Pin Valley

True to her pen name, Free Spirited Wanderer shared a story about a day in the lives of the nuns at Pin Valley. Definitely worth a stop. Read on for the story and find more at her blog here: Free Spirited Wanderer All of us have days in our lives

The Playground Project

We came across Ananya Saluja’s experience at 17000 feet and it’s definitely stopworthy. Follow her blog for more on her experience in Ladakh. Featuring one of her stories from her time as a voluntourist at 17000 feet, Ladakh, India. Many months have passed since my days teaching in Ladakh, but the memories

7 Lessons from 7 Continents

A travel blog with a difference, teaches us 7 lessons from 7 continents. Read on to know how travel changed Stephanie’s perspective. A single phrase, commonly heard across Southeast Asia, sums up the biggest lesson that six years on this continent taught me:“Same, same, but different.” After my first dream