5 Indian Comedians to Stand Up For

5 revolutionary comedians taking the Indian Comedy scene to the next level!


According to WHO, India is one of the world’s worst hit nations by depression. 36% of India is depressed, i.e. every third person in India is.

There is a multitude of research studies to show that laughter can help with the feelings of depression. Laughter can be looked at as therapy.

Humour is like a saving grace for so many people. It is a way we all connect with each other. When people come together, talk, share jokes and laugh, they create an avalanche of laughter. The consequence is that they are able to forget about their problems and are able to see another perspective.

We need to learn a lot from those who can laugh at themselves and in the process, not only make us laugh but also help us forget about our own miseries for a while.


In India, comedy is slowly becoming a profession that people look up to and many college students and media professionals are looking it at as a serious career choice. Comedy sketches like TVF Pitchers, AIB Honest Series, SNG comedy, Son Of Abish Late Night Comedy and others are filling the space with a kind of humor that is quite fresh and no-nonsensical.

Don’t you think that over the past decade, comedy has evolved in India? I think it is evolving every second, and many new artists are redefining the current scenario.

Today comedy is not just about mimicking Amitabh, or a random politician only to retell the stereotypical joke that has been going around for decades (Clue: Shekhar Suman mimicking Lalu).

Our sense of humor has evolved over the years and comedy has become a powerful tool to communicate ideas and share tragic situations with a satirical undertone. Comedians talk about feminism, free speech, sex education, current affairs, culture, etc. and in their own way, they try to sell us their own ideas and thoughts.


People may have contrasting opinions on whether these were caricature and were intended to reflect through humor, the loopholes of society or whether such things ought to be the subject of humor at all. Stand up is an influential tool and comedians exercise it to educate and entertain us in a way that we are moved, but also not bored of the information presented. Doesn’t it in the end, help us humans evolve together as society?

Comedians are able to tell us how pathetic and insensitive we can be, by making us laugh. It could be seen as a juxtaposition of two elements which normally don’t fit together but it is done in a way that it sounds funny.

Here’re some popular stand-up comedians and some of their curated works for your review. Who do you most relate with?


  •    Rohan Joshi

Stand-up-comedian, Rohan-Joshi

Writer, comedian, TV presenter. Rohan Joshi’s multi-faceted personality and schoolboy looks make him instantly likeable. He’s a self described Grammar Nazi, Joshi is a self-described” Bombayiite”, “Nobel Laureate”, Grammar Nazi, and a slight-stretcher-of-truth. He also tries to be an “Expert Beer Drinker”, has a kind-of silly fixation on LOST and Tina Fey, and is also a person who plays Farmville.

To know if you’re an asshole to your domestic workers, watch this video on Hotstar.

Because, we know that you’re already on Uttar Pradesh Anti-Romeo squad’s most-wanted list, if you’ve ever done so much as share an auto-rickshaw with a member of the opposite sex.



  •  Biswa Kalyan Rath

Who hasn’t heard of Biswa and ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve missed out on comedy gold!

Indulge yourself to some banana loving and pomegranate hating by watching this hilarious 4-minuter. Don’t get us wrong, nothing dirty here, except your mind.

As quoted by the king of comedy- “Insaan apne gusse ko comedy ke madhyam se channelise kar raha hai. Baaki log theatre main khub relate kar rahe hai aur agree kar rahe hai ki samaj ke taur tareekon se tadpe woh bhi hain.”

In this video, he shares many insights on Introverts and Extroverts. If you’re an introvert, you will probably watch this video alone and chuckle! If you’re an extrovert, you probably like silver and hate every word he says.


  • Abish Mathew

Abish Mathew is a comedian this country can’t do without.  The stand-up comic’s hit talk show ‘Son of Abish’ first premiered in 2014. The show lasted for about half-an-hour in which he would spend the first half delighting the live audience with his monologue. He is the Indian ‘Jimmy Felon’, or so he says. 😛 Son of a…

Here’s one video about India’s favourite achaar – Brashtachaar! In a special interview, Abish chats up Dr. K. Padmarajan who made it into the Limca Book of World Records for losing the most elections.

Check out this video on Hotstar and scroll to 20:00!

If that didn’t float your boat, here’s another of our favourites with the awesome Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath on his talk-show! Quite a riot!




  • Aditi Mittal


When she’s rated as one of the 10 best comedians by Times of India, you definitely cannot miss her comedy pieces. When she’s not busy making people clinch their stomachs rolling in laughter, she is busy acting or writing. Aditi’s bold chats raise lesser spoken about concerns like the hush-hush around sanitary napkins, and breast cancer awareness with a twist.

“Miss, your boyfriend is showing!” Know what that means? One gang of girls even had a name for him / it – Philip. For the less initiated, we are talking about bra straps, and Aditi Mittal boldly takes you for a walk where Asian women go to get the “upliftment” they need! She had us at 0:47.



We’ll only take a minute of your time to show you this hilarious take on sanitary napkins and the hush surrounding it. Girls, relate? Boys, bring on the hate.



  •    Kenny Sebastian


If you know kenny, which is not that difficult because he has a website  you would know why he was nominated as Buzzfeed’s No.1 Young Indian of 2016.


Besides dabbling in art, painting, music, and film-making he tried his hand in the business of making people laugh and is hugely successful. Coming from humble roots, Kenny has a keen sense of observation of culture, stereotypes and people. Isn’t this the best formula for comedy?


Kenny talks about miniscule ‘American’ problems which don’t even compare to dramatic Indian ones at New York Comedy Club. He speaks to a couple in love who got married in Delhi, Bombay and Kuwait. Stay tuned till the end of this hilarious live act.



You know you’re middle class when…

Watch Kenny’s take on being middle-class and also featuring his mom and dad. What’s your parents famous middle-class pet peeve? Tell us in the comments below.



Till the next amazing stand-up act, then.

Contributors: Nikshubha Vashishtha, Ishita Shelat, Jusleen Bagga

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